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Atoll Collection - Back In Stock

For the divers, the surfers, the explorers . .

Rising from deep blue seas, on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves on earth, lies a chain of coral atolls, that one will never forget . .

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Memories carved in .925 Sterling Silver, built to last for adventures

Shop Coral Gardens, Cape Range, Little Lagoon, Apex and more . . .

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Apex, Coral Gardens, Sea of Stars, and all their companions. . . .

Checkout our Best-Selling Necklace and Earring sets, Statement Rings or Delicate Pieces. Surround yourself within the vast ocean, all cast in 925 Sterling Silver.

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  • 10% For the Wild

    We dedicate a portion of our collections towards the environmental conservation of natural habitats.

  • Made for the Wild

    Ethically sourced statement pieces for the modern activist and adventurer.

  • The Coral Gardens Collection

    Immerse yourself with the delicate and vast puzzle of the sea, you never know what may catch your eye.

  • InterTidal Collection

    Memories of magic washing up in shell form, along shorelines bordered by kelp forests, from the vast and wild Southern Seas. InterTidal features the classic Queen Scallop shell, found on many shores here in Australia, and sea floors beneath our pristine oceans.

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Coral Gardens Collection

Atoll Clasp Earring


Atoll Pendant Necklace - Back in Stock


Sea Of Stars Earring


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